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Warranty terms
All maintenance service does not include home Products are entitled to three years of maintenance services, free of charge, waive the second and third years of the inspection and maintenance fees, only take the parts cost.

Breakable pieces not included, such as: rice cooker pot, fan blade, pot, fried board , Yixing pot etc..
(1) all free of charge from the date of purchase, one year warranty, check the quotes Free of Charge.
(2) The following warranty will be invalid:
a ) goods for commercial purposes.
b ) any improper use of improper voltage.
c ) had been repaired outside the company.
d ) all natural disasters such as fire, flood, earthquake or other damage caused.
e ) unable to produce this warranty card and purchase receipts.
(3) repair of goods, please bring along relevant documents and this protection certificate to the repair center of the
      Company, in order to arrange for repairs. (Please call for appointment)
(4) This warranty is valid only in Hong Kong.
(5) For the delivery service fee of HK $ 100 .
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Electric Fan
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